Today the fleet of United Shipping Company LTD consists of NAVIS-1, NAVIS-2, NAVIS-3, NAVIS-4, NAVIS-5, NAVIS-6, NAVIS-7 and ANATOLIY NIKOLAEV. All the vessels were built in 2019 from project RSD-32M at "Okskaya shipyard" in Nizhniy Novgorod region. The ships are insured by one of the largest Russian insurance companies "Ingosstrakh".

The vessels are suitable for shipment of bulk and general cargo, packaged lumber, round timber, metal scrap, metal in bundles and rolls, oversized and heavy cargo, coal, dangerous goods of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.1, 8, 9 according to IMDG Code IMDG Code and category "B" cargo according to IMSBC Code.

The company operate the ships in sea areas in accordance with the class and inland waterways of the European part of the Russian Federation, including the Volga-Baltic waterway and the Volga-Don Ship Canal.
Type: RSD-32M
Ship’s motion and maneuverability provided by two aft type full-revolving rudder propellers, and with bow thruster.
Class: КМ
Ice1 R2 AUT1-ICS CONT (deck, cargo holds № 1,2,3) DG (bulk, pack)
Year built: 2019
Flag: The Russian Federation
Engine — Yanmar6EY22AW (1100 kW) — two pieces
L/B/D — 123.17/16.75/5.5 м
GRТ/NRТ — 4982/2679, 3/3 C/H, container shipping.
Size of holds — № 1, № 2, № 3: 27.3 X 12.7 м
Height of holds — 8.55 m
Vessel equipped to carry TEUs
Carrying capacity of vessel is about 3600 mts on the river draft 3.60 m
Carrying capacity of vessel is about 6100 mts on the sea draft 4.70 m
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